The needs to have a place where you belong and to do something with your life that really matters lay at the core of what it means to be human.  Smith Grove is such a place.  For those searching to belong we are ready to greet and welcome you.  Our passing of the peace (i.e., meet and greet) during our Sunday Worship service is a special time of fellowship.  During this time in our worship service, “greeting your neighbors with the love and peace of Christ” often results in hugs, kisses, and hand shakes all around.  At Smith Grove, we prefer intimacy to anonymity.


Belonging at Smith Grove begins with worship and continues throughout the week.  It is not just something that happens on Sunday mornings.  We have a Children’s Ministry that offers weekly before/after school programming as well as a Summer Camp.  You can find events on our calendar that may be appealing to you.  There is something here for all ages.  Gatherings such as monthly children’s activities, weekly youth gatherings, women and men’s small groups, and the “Young at Heart” for our active seniors provide an opportunity for everyone.

Mattering at Smith Grove is at the heart of our community.  We are passionate about mission and service to others.  We provide back pack meals to local schools, build homes for the needy, as well as offer many community outreach opportunities to our congregation.  Empowered by Matthew 28: 16 – 20, we desire to move outside of our church walls to ensure that those in this community are shown the hands and feet of Christ throughout our efforts in faith.


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